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Video: About Peterson Wealth Services Founded by Billy Peterson, Peterson Wealth Services was designed from the beginning around our clients. With a keen sense of the way the markets work and strong dedication, our team of Certified Financial Planners are dedicated to helping...

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Consolidation to One Trusted Financial Advisor

Consolidation to One Trusted Financial Advisor By Shaun Peterson, Financial Advisor, RJFS As you approach your retirement years you’ve likely had multiple investment accounts. IRA’s, 401K’s, TSPs, annuities, life insurance, and brokerage accounts just to name a few....

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Priorities and Goals

Priorities and Goals Shaun Peterson, Financial Advisor We are in the final stretch of 2016 and wow, how the time has flown by! With the final months of the year ahead of us I thought I would take the time to talk about setting and prioritizing goals.  Typically,...

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Financial Bubbles: Learning From The Past

Bubbles: Learning from the past By: Billy Peterson Expectations and outcomes can often come together in perfect harmony.  It’s a very wonderful and beautiful thing when this happens. In sports, you expect your team to win the Super Bowl or the World Series every year,...

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Election Years and the Market

Election Years and the Market Every election year I hear the same comments: “If so and so wins I’m moving to Canada!”  “This Country will be ruined if so and so gets in!”  “The stock market will collapse if so and so wins, I’m selling everything!”  No matter who is...

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Video: Brexit Rattles Global Markets

Britain exiting the European Union has no doubt rattled global markets.  “Brexit” will be flashing on our televisions, smart phones and social media feeds in the weeks to come.  “Experts” will appear on news outlets to make their bold predictions on how this will all...

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Is The Stock Market Rigged?

Is The Stock Market Rigged? A short story by Billy Peterson CFP. CDFA President/PWS John and Walt sat in their usual spots in the local café drinking coffee the same way they had done for 30 years. People came and went, hurrying in for morning breakfasts and then...

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Beginner Investor

Never invested before?  Why not start now? By Shaun Peterson Financial Advisor, RJFS One of my favorite comic cartoons is of a retiring individual sitting in a financial advisor’s office and the caption says something like this “I retire on Friday and I haven’t saved...

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