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Billy and Heather are grateful to have survived another year with all of the craziness involved in raising 5 high energy children. Billy enjoys taking care of his horses, discussing horse racing business with friends and family, and keeping his sanity by working out...

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Questions and Answers With Billy Peterson

Q:  What are the biggest mistakes people are making when it comes to their finances? A:   The two biggest mistakes people make are first off, they aren’t proactive. We have found that almost all investors wish they would have started sooner. In general, people are...

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Financial Literacy Bootcamp

Don't you ever wish you could take a mulligan in life or certain situations in life? In golf it's easy.  Especially if you golf like me and inevitably slice one into the woods or hook one into the water. I simply reach into the pocket and out comes a brand new...

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Managing Debt While Saving for Retirement

Managing Debt While Saving for Retirement It's a catch-22: You feel that you should focus on paying down debt, but you also want to save for retirement. It may be comforting to know you're not alone. According to an Employee Benefit Research Institute survey, 18% of...

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Diversified Assets

When it comes to investing there are many different asset classes to pick from. The average investor will often look in the rear view mirror rather than looking forward to make their investment selections. As you can see with this chart, returns for different asset...

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4 Things To Do In The 4 Years Before College

College is a huge financial undertaking. With costs increasing every year and the prospect of too much student debt at the forefront of many families' minds, it's more important than ever to be an educated college consumer. Go into the planning process wisely with...

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What to Expect When You’re Expecting

When I look back on my life I can’t help but remember some of my “firsts.”  I can still remember most of them quite vividly.  I remember the sun coming over the mountain ridge right before I harvested my first deer.  My dad was whispering in my ear to calm my nerves...

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Spring Cleaning Your Finances

Spring Cleaning Your Finances The arrival of spring often signifies a time of renewal, a reminder to dust off the cobwebs and get rid of the dirt and grime that have built up throughout the winter season. And while most spring cleaning projects are likely focused on...

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Meeting New Clients

Meeting New Clients We have all experienced visiting a doctor, accountant, or other professional for the first time. The feeling of apprehension is common as we consider the reasons for the visit and worry about awkward formalities and if we will even like this person...

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Finances and Kids

Finances and Kids One of the most common requests we receive from our clients is to help educate their children about finances. Whether our clients have been very successful with their financial lives or have learned the hard way we commonly hear that they want their...

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